COHIRE is a new-age business deal, custom-built for ventures looking to scale-up fast on low cash-burns, which is 99% of all start-ups!

Put simply, it enables young companies to on-board proven C-Level business leaders to drive key functions like marketing, sales, technology, finance and products at a fraction of what they would normally cost, quickly and painlessly. Indisputably, hiring professionals with 20+ years of leadership experience, gives start-ups their best chance of succeeding in highly complex, dynamic and disruptive market-places. Cohire makes this possible, more than ever by making such leaders accessible and affordable.




Refocus on the big picture

A CXO can free up Senior Executive/Promoter time, which is better used planning and driving the bigger picture.

Cut cash burns

Hiring and retaining CXOs is a complex, time-consuming and expensive proposition, beyond the reach of most young companies. COHIRE is a game-changer that sets this right by making them easy to hire and affordable too.

Find the funds

We enable enterprises to access seed, angel or VC funds, round after round, to ensure they keep flying and their big ideas never run out of runways.

Scale up fast with strategic leadership

With powerful strategic leadership our CXOs spring open whole new business opportunities to help you unlock the full value of your business and grow at speeds you might not have imagined.


Power to your teams

Our CXOs can be a valuable and empowering resource for companies with or without in-house teams across business functions.

Get the best out of both worlds

Our CXO is an outsourced resource who functions every bit like any in-house, full-time C-Level executive, completely aligned to your business goals.

Project based assignments

Yes. Believe it or not! You can now hire a CXO to mitigate specific pain points in your business as a project. COHIRE makes this possible.

Get a full team with a single hire

What do you get when you COHIRE a CXO?
A strategic mastermind to plot your business moves PLUS a large network of crack vendors, professionals and agencies to execute them, ensuring super-efficient rollouts.


Take off fast

CXO recruitment is invariably a long, expensive and tortuous process. With COHIRE you can have your CXO up & running within a week of sign-off, literally on the fly!

Zero extra costs

COHIRE equals zero recruitment, retention and retrenchment costs. Our CXO is available at all times…no leave, no additional perks, no hidden costs.

Zero liabilities

If the CXO skills do not match your expertise, we will find the perfect match and replace the CXO with no additional cost. The transition will be seamless and hassle-free.



  • You need a C-Level strategic business leader to drive your business but cannot find, afford or retain one full-time
  • You want to throw crack domain experts at specific problems in your business for varying periods of time, on a fix-and-leave basis but don’t know how
  • You are a start-up facing the “scale-up or fold-up gun” but don’t have stacks of cash to burn on leadership resources that can make it happen
  • You want to progress efficiently towards your next round of funding but do not have the right road map to get there or connects to access the funds when you get there

If you do not fit into any of the above but sense there is something
not right with your business, then talk to us.
For, we may help you diagnose and deal with unique issues
scuppering your business!



Vineet Arya-cohire
    Vineet Arya
    Founder-Director COHIRE
      Sridhar Raman
      Director COHIRE
      Sathya Pramod
        Sathya Pramod
        Industry Expert Finance
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        Anant Ravi
          Anant Ravi
          Business Strategy Expert
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          Arun Arora
            Arun Arora
            Marcom & business strategy expert
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            YOUR CXO TEAM


            B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2G

            Business is not driven by machines. They are driven by C-level minds.
            Each of our CXOs have anywhere between 15-20 years of experience and at least 5-7 years of business leadership experience. Just what you need to convert business objectives into reality.


            Chief Marketing Officer


            Chief Technology Officer


            Chief Sales


            Chief Finance Officer


            Chief Digital Marketing Officer


            Chief Human Resources Officer


            Chief Public Relations Officer

            Chief Product Officer

            Chief Product Officer

            VOCAL POINTS

            STRAIGHT FROM

            For a company like Vidal Health it made a whole lot of sense to work with COHIRE*. The experience that Outsourced CMO brought in helped us bring in economy of scale along with understanding of digital marketing space. We have developed a great working relationship with COHIRE* and their dedication to our business needs is evident in their work.
            *COHIRE was earlier known as Outsourced CMO

            Girish Rao - Chairman & Managing Director, Vidal Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.

            Vineet is a very proactive person who comes from a strong Brand and PR background. I worked with his COHIRE* model with great results especially during our early stages when we did not have to engage a full-time person. We gained access to a person of a very high caliber without wasting time and money. I would highly recommend Vineet`s COHIRE* model for any startup looking for branding and PR.
            *COHIRE was earlier known as Outsourced CMO

            Vamsi Krishna - CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu

            I feel that COHIRE* is a solution that modern day business will do well to consider, especially those looking to scale up fast at low costs.
            *COHIRE was earlier known as Outsourced CMO

            Mr. Deepu Chandran - CEO & Co-Founder, Pikkol

            Vineet at COHIRE* has been associated with us for long. We have found the engagement extremely fruitful. They fill in very well as an in-house marketing team and align themselves fully with our business interests. Vineet has expertise across all aspects of marketing and in addition to crafting and executing our marketing strategy, he is helping us build and mentor an in-house team. Also, OCMO does hands-on liaising with all stakeholders to maximize the ROI. COHIRE* is highly recommended for all startups!”
            *COHIRE was earlier known as Outsourced CMO

            Gaurav Dhawan - CEO & Co-Founder, WealthApp

            COHIRE* is a concept which is quite beneficial for startups like ours as they have some experienced marketing professionals. The best part is that the professionals are mature enough to amalgamate with the existing team in a very short time to create a much powerful core team which is boon for company. They were able put across marketing plans towards Digital marketing, market penetration, as well as market adaptation much within the framework of company overall business objectives making it a perfect fit for startups like ours. Thanks to the COHIRE* team on board, our Exchange Platform is perfectly positioned for future growth.
            *COHIRE was earlier known as Outsourced CMO

            Preetam Kothapally - COO & Co-Founder, INCX

            Vineet helped formulate a marketing plan and give a strong marketing strategy to the company. I think working CMO is essential to a startup as one of the key challenges is to gain customers and the insights and experience a senior person from the field can bring can be an enormous help. With cash-flow constraints it’s a good idea for a startup to work with a CMO on an outsourced model. Vineet made himself part of the team and was fully committed to the company, sometimes it didn’t seem that he was not working full time for us, he even helped us after our contract with him finished.

            Ankit Manglik - CFO & Co-Founder,

            From strategy to last-mile execution Vineet was with us through the entire journey. I have no doubt that as COHIRE* he and his very capable colleagues can add unique value to companies that wish to grow fast on small spends.
            *COHIRE was earlier known as Outsourced CMO

            Prakash Suratkar - Vice President, Innorel Systems

            Vineet came quickly to grips with our needs and was therefore able to contribute dynamically as a team member. Along with his own skills, he brings with him a vast network of proven resources from his long years as a senior marketing professional at several blue chips.

            Jayakrishnan Rajagopalan - COO & Co- Founder, mVikarsha

            Vineet’s years of experience helped us negotiate the best rates, the best creatives and the best spots across all media. As a result we were successful in creating a great brand recall at a very reasonable price. He is perfect for any growing organization looking for someone to lay a solid marketing foundation

            Shayak Sen - Entrepreneur & Design Specialist


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